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Trizeta is the technological partner for companies thanks to a team of professionals in the sector.

The skills range from the management of the entire production process to remote consulting through augmented reality.

The focus on customer needs and customized solutions allows us to achieve, together with our partners, the result that best suits your needs.

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Production management and monitoring

Entirely designed and developed by Trizeta, ADeMES is the information system that provides in real time the tools necessary to check, manage and optimize all the activities of the production process.

Warehouse management

Trizeta supports the S.M.E. in the management of warehouse, inventory, track & trace and logistics of the point of sale in cloud mode.

Smart dashboard

Data analysis and management dashboard with immediate evidence of critical issues. The tool works independently from the reference management system and can also collect data from different sources, merge them and present what is of greatest interest on the screen.

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Trizeta also offers the possibility of having the instrument ready for use thanks to the supply of monitors and micro servers already integrated and installed: all you need is a connection to the company network!

  • All the fundamental data for the management of your company collected in one place.
  • Fast, accurate and updated in real time: consult production progress in real time.
  • Share what you really need with colleagues, collaborators and customers.

Training management

Flumind is the software that simplifies management, organization and use of training:

  • classroom and online courses
  • company courses
  • webinar
  • on/off line training events
  • surveys
  • training courses
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Flumind is the software that simplifies the management, organization and use of training:

  • classroom and online courses
  • company courses
  • webinar
  • on / off line training events
  • surveys
  • training courses


Management and control of company activities

ADeSuite is a set of integrable and customizable software that allows you to manage every feature of the company, from accounting to production times.

Augmented reality and remote assistance

Trizeta offers augmented reality to maximize companies and their products.
Moreover, thanks to the augmented reality also provides comfortable and efficient remote technical assistance.

Discover ADeGO

Thanks to the innovative Augmented Reality technology developed by Trizeta, the assistance experience is enhanced, simplified and speeded up, making industrial processes faster and more efficient. Through the Epson Moverio smart glasses it will be possible to follow the operator’s instructions in a simple way and without any margin for error.

The user can ask for assistance instantly through the ADeGO app available for Android and be guided step by step remotely by the operator.

Once logged into his account, the user can create a new virtual room and share the access code to request assistance from the technician connected via the web.

Wearing Epson Moverio smart glasses, the operator will be able to work hands-free and will automatically share his point of view with the support. Then he will immediately receive assistance by viewing the indications that will be provided, as well as vocally, also through tools provided in real time by the technician through ADeGO.

The extreme simplicity of the process makes ADeGO usable by anyone and brings an effective improvement to the assistance service. Furthermore, ADeGO guarantees concrete savings, both in terms of time but also in costs for travel and transfers of qualified personnel.

Digital asset management

P4NDOR4 is the platform for the optimal management of digital assets that allows you to manage multimedia and textual contents in an efficient, practical and multilingual way. 

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Management of images, 3D, 2D and 360° videos that can be used to compose smart shots, articulated slides which, selected in the desired order, allow you to create presentations with multidirectional navigation:

  • media categorization
  • filters and tags
  • related searches
  • advanced access profiles


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